In its efforts of shedding the light on the main initiatives in the educational system in the Sultanate, the Secretariat General  of the Education Council hosted Sayyid Hamed Sultan Al Busaidi, executive director of Oman Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability (OCCGS). He gave a presentation about the center in the headquarter of the General Secretariat of the Education Council. The meeting was attended by members of the Education Council, specialists from government institutions related to the education sector, as well as representatives from private educational institutions, and staff from the General Secretariat of the Council.

The presentation briefed the audience about the vision and mission of OCCGS and its objectives, services and achievements. It also illustrated the concept of governance and its role on the economic growth, as well as a review was given, sharing of experiences and best practices on governance in the Sultanate.

The OCCGS was set up at the end of July by the Royal Decree No. 30/2015 with the remit to faster awareness and advocacy towards governance and sustainability in the Sultanate, ensuring that all public joint-stock companies or private companies abide the best practices in these two fields, including the need to address environment and social obligation, in order to achieve sustainable development requirements.

The center's main areas of focus are to develop standards and build capacities of the company's board members, senior executives and staff in the governance field, in all its legal forms and executive administrations. The center aims to fix the jurisdictions of corporate boards and set their responsibilities too.      

The center is looking forward to contributing to the development, and being an integral part of the national economy. It aims to deliver a more robust competitive economy through applying governance and sustainability, a culture of corporate governance and sustainability in the economic processes that can be attained by governance learning and entrepreneurship.

At the end, the presentation discussed the mechanisms that would strengthen the communication channels between the Education Council- represented by the Secretariat General of the Council- and the OCCGS, and the executives of the concerned parties in the education sector, to develop the initial idea for the implementation of governance in the educational and training institutions. A workshop might be conducted to address the most important challenges and best practices in the corporate governance field, and to be attended by the concerned parties from both government and private sectors.

The meeting concluded that there is a need for unified detailed guidelines to regulate governance in these institutions, according to certain criteria, taking into account the relationship between the various administrative levels of the institution and the powers granted to them. This process should undergo clear methodological framework in accordance with best practices of governance in the educational and training institutions.