The fourth preparatory workshop for the seminar titled “Education, Development Trends, and Current and Future Employment Opportunities in the Labor Market” was recently organized by the Education Council and held at the Ministry of Higher Education’s Muscat Hall. This event complements the previous preparatory workshops held between September 5-7, 2016.

These workshops aim to identify the future trends of the development-led service sectors as well as the promising economic sectors in the ninth and tenth five-year plans; and to gauge the role of education and training in meeting the needs of these sectors for human resources. Based on the 2015 trends of the development-led service and economic sectors, the workshops also aim at identifying the needs for specific majors and trainings and the needed numbers of qualified national cadres for public and private sectors. This is addition to exploring the recruitment challenges facing the graduates of educational and training programs in the private sector and ways to address them.

During the workshop, six working papers were presented: the first by the Public Authority of Manpower Register, presenting the majors of job seekers and relevant job opportunities. The second was presented by Oman Global Logistics Group on the needs of the logistics sector for human resources, while the third came from the Ministry of Transport and Communications touching on the needs of the ministry’s roads and land transport sector for human resources.

The fourth paper, presented by the Public Authority for Mining, addressed the issue of matching the educational outcomes to the needs of the labor market in the mining sector. The fifth paper focused on the fisheries sector’s needs for human resources and was presented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The last paper presented provision for the role the National Center for Education Research and the labor market are expected to play and was drafted by experts at the Diwan of Royal Court.

Representatives of different public and private actors concerned with the sectors of education, recruitment, and planning, partook in the event. The attendees enriched the workshop by providing proposals and inputs that contribute to drawing a clear vision on the quality of education programs and majors that are currently, but also in the future, needed in the Omani labor market.

The Secretariat General of the Education Council is working in cooperation with different competent authorities on crystalizing the outcomes of the preparatory workshops as well as the information, visions, and proposals, to organize the seminar, scheduled for May 2017. Based on the future trends of the different economic sectors, the seminar aims at coming up with a comprehensive executive plan that clarifies the practical measures that competent actors in the education and employment sectors need to espouse in the coming period.