In its efforts of shedding the light on the main initiatives in the educational system in the Sultanate, the Secretariat general of the Education Council hosted a team representing the Labor Union for the Education Sector, headed by Mr.Mohamed Bin Shamis Al Rawahi.

The meeting's agenda included a visual presentation introducing briefly the Labor Union's organizational structure, committees, objectives and jurisdictions, as well as the institutional partnership of the Union. Members of the Education Council, representatives from government institutions, and staff from the General Secretariat of the Council attended the meeting.

The Ministry of Manpower declared the establishment of Labor Union for the Education Sector, in Muscat Governorate, under the Omani Labor Law promulgated by the Royal Decree No. 35/2003, and the Ministerial Decree No. 570/2012, on August 4, 2016.

The Union's central focus is  in taking care of the interest of its members, defending their rights, raising their professional and cultural level, representing them in all matters relating to their affairs and developing the labor legislations relating to employees in the establishments that operate in the education sector.

The presentation discussed the importance of strengthening cooperation between trade unions affiliating to it, the three production parties and the relevant authorities, as well as, the implementation of seminars and awareness programs, and the contribution to the development of plans and programs in cooperation with the concerned stakeholders, serving the educational sector. It is also reviewing the significance of supporting Omanization schemes and incentives in the educational field, as it is the responsibility of all the constituents of Oman to exert a concerted effort in its implementation and success.

The Union looks forward in its efforts to create an institutional partnership with various educational institutions, taking care of the workers' interests and contributing to push forward the comprehensive development in the country. In recognition of this national objective, seminars and awareness programs conducted for employees of private universities and colleges, and for the students that would join the labor market.

 In addition to, the continuous revisions of labor laws and legislations with the concerned authorities, serving the educational sector workforces, besides, carrying out field visits to the private colleges and universities to promote job stability and creating an attractive work environment, along with promoting trade union, legal awareness and orientation programs for those whose occupying the educational field.

The meeting concluded that there is a need to raise consciousness towards the significant role that trade unions play in overcoming complications within its competences, opening the doors to dialogue is significantly operative in addressing the challenges faced by the educational institutions' staff. It is crucial to collaborate efforts and coordinate with the educational institutions and other concerned parties, to the contribution of a comprehensive national development.

The meeting stressed the need to stimulate and encourage the private educational institutions to join the membership of the Labor Union of the Education Sector, to take care of the interest of the employees of its members, and raise their professional and cultural level of performance.

At the end, the Union pledged to hold a progressive role, in coordination with the executive departments in the private universities and colleges, besides other relevant authorities in finding appropriate solutions that comply with legislations, regulations and procedures to reach consensus and satisfactory formulas.

It is expected that the performance of the labor union in the educational institutions would be significant in convergence of views between relevant parties, and would elevate the performance of the workforces, the Omani competencies in particular, through raising the educational attainment and awareness. The Union looks forward to contribute effectively in the construction and development of the Education sector.